18 de enero de 2013

Interview to JKS Chile Fans Club For Tv Station Mega

Jang Keun Suk Chile - Eels Sisters in Special K-pop Culture
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After much prodding and working into promote our Jang Keun Suk, we finnally success having an oficial interview about our Fan Club, we are also together with another fanclubs of idols in the website of Special K-pop Culture from Mega. We were invited to Mega facilities where the interview took place.

The interview was at 15 hrs, but we gather before (at 13 hrs), on a subway station called Irrarazabal near of TV Station, to talk about what we're going to say in the interview and share more about JKS, thus we spend the time feeling a little nervous before the interview start. 

After talking, we went to the TV Station that day we had nearly 40º degrees of heat.

Once there, the airconditioned room in which we were allowed to spend the heat. We start to speak loudly, making a lot of noise and laughing a lot. That caused the person behind the counter said us "Sorry, can you decrease the volume". That was a little hard for us because we were too excited and nervous.

After a few minutes the journalist came to look for us and walked to the place in which the interview will be held. A small but nice interior yard, in which we started to place the things we brought that day: Pictures, Posters, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Juices, etc. Everything that we had of Jang Keun Suk it was exposed that day, it looked very beautiful.

All the Eels Sisters sat down and showed everything we had of JKS, and the one who is writing this note, stayed at the back filming the backstage and taking photos.

They started to film all the stuff that we had of JKS, then we put them neatly on the floor so that they could be appreciated better.

The first attack of nerves... (also who also writes) .. it was a big laugh. We all started to laugh ( hahahaha ) in a contagious way, because all the nerves we had, it was our first time in front of a television camera and the first recordings went wrong  .... we started to relax after a few minutes and started to talk more naturally.

What can you expect to relate and speak the feelings that an eel has for Jang Keun Suk, A LOT OF THINGS, as the interview went by each one of us began to open their hearts and really talk like a true eel, all the interventions made, reflected us that day and we expected anxiously representing them all.

An interview over one hour was reduced to 7 minutes, leaving many things in the inkpot. However, the editing demonstrates our passion and admiration for this great man, I really left with the feeling of a lot of happiness to see the images shown and the videos as well.

The journalist showed a lot of interest and she even searched the videos of our Prince in our official youtube channel.. ... It might be that we will have a new eel?

Here is the link of the video of our interview .... WE ARE Jang Keun Suk Chile Jyo ~~ ZikZin

Video of Interview

On behalf of Team JKS Chile ... Again a lot of thanks to each and every one of the members of this beautiful Fan Club, for believing in us and support each of our follies ... Proud of being EELS.

Written by: Alesshi~JKS Chile Team
Translated by: AleSmg ~ JKS Chile Team
Corrected by Mime ~ JKS Chile Team

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